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The Product End of Life Strategy: New thoughts on the product life cycle


Recently, I took this call from a client and while is extreme it isn’t the first time, I have heard this.

“We recently acquired a company with a product that significantly overlaps our core solution. Based on the projected growth and typical customer profile, our board has asked that we identify a single platform product and sunset the other offering. However, we need to make a recommendation in 30 days, and we must keep churn at or below 10% through the entire process.”

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Product Management: PE Firms’ Next Lever to Pull for Value Creation


Private Equity is shifting. Firms have a record number of competitors. Asset prices are steep. Dry powder is abundant, and expectations are high. Firms can no longer depend on deleveraging and achieving operational cost synergies.

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ROI of Running WIN/LOSS In A SaaS World Never Bigger

“A 5% increase in customer retention can increase business profits by 25% - 125%”*

Let that sink in a minute…


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More Reasons the C-Suite Should Care About Product Management

I recently wrote about why different elements of the executive management team should care about product management. 

Those were the why’s.  Here are some of the how’s. 

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Buyers' Insight: A Primer

Would it be easier to sell your software product if you could read your buyer's mind and know the most important factors they care about? Would it be easier to position your product against a competitor if you knew what drives customers to buy their product over yours?

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Stop using Your Go-to-Market Strategy as a Bucket

In most technology companies, "go-to-market" is a throw away phrase; everyone from sales to finance uses it when it’s convenient. It is a catch-all phrase and often used as a placeholder for things related to target customers, product direction, marketing strategy, sales enablement, pricing and launch efforts.

The problem is that we put lots of things in the go-to-market bucket often with good intentions –

“We will address these once the UX and feature priorities settle down.”


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Why the C-Suite Should Care About Product Management?

Product management organizations can have a profound effect on a company’s success – or failure – and every C-level executive should thoughtfully and intentionally utilize product management as a key member of the C-team.

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Go To Market: Finger Pointing 101

OK – maybe this is extreme (or maybe not), but one thing is clear; when you are missing revenue targets, when your conversion rates are low, or your product adoption is weak, then your Go To Market strategy is failing. The finger pointing means you are not sure what part of your GTM strategy needs work.
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Buyers' Insight Analysis – Think Beyond Win-Loss

In my previous blog post, I stated that win-loss is a misnomer. Traditional Win-Loss analysis only reflects the outcome of the deal and often narrowly focuses on ‘what did we do wrong in the process’.

If you are going to make the effort and spend the resources to engage customers after a buying decision occurs, wouldn’t it make sense to determine how that buyer rationalized that outcome?

Buyers’ Insight determines just that. Its focus is to measure the things that matter most from the buyers’ perspective. Measuring these outcomes over time will allow you to stop relying on anecdotal information or a single source of “truth” (like SalesForce or sales reps).

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Go-to-Market Execution: The Fable of the Chicken and the Pig


When I talk to our clients about how they execute on their Go-to-Market strategy, I usually get a blank look. Other times the reaction is emotional, and I won’t repeat some of the words I have heard to describe it.

The challenge for these companies reminds me of the business fable of “The Chicken and the Pig”. For those who are not familiar with the story, the point of the fable is commitment to a project or cause. When producing a dish made of bacon and eggs, the pig is completely committed.

When it comes to Go-to-Market, for many of these companies, there are too many chickens!

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