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Michael Ray Hopkin

Michael Ray Hopkin
Michael Ray Hopkin is an internationally recognized thought leader in leadership and product management. Michael combines his unique experience of 15 years in engineering and product management with technology companies – together with an acute awareness of timeless principles of leadership – to inspire and motivate product managers to truly lead their teams. Michael’s Five Factors of Leadership has become a recognized and often quoted resource among those in the product management field. He has published several articles and has co-hosted several podcast episodes with other prominent leaders in the industry.
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What Product Managers Must Do to Turn Ideas into Strategic Thinking

Every product and service we have today was once an idea. Even the most basic creations did not exist before someone came up with an impression for a better outcome that would be useful in some way.

When you stop and think about it, the number of incredible products and services available today is truly amazing. In many cases, these great products have developed into product lines, companies and even industries. And it all started with an idea.

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