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Stephen Newman

Stephen Newman
With 20 years of pioneering innovation for technology firms, Stephen now enables C-Suites, Boards, and Investors to achieve clarity on their sales roadmap. Stephen helps clients identify their target customers and the problems they urgently need to solve. Further, he helps clients sharpen their product strategy and determine if their product team possesses the skills and discipline to succeed. Stephen believes in sales focused companies that have the product and vision to attract and retain customers. With executive leadership experience in cybersecurity, enterprise software development, and a wide range of startups, he brings organizational acumen to align with your team and drive your business forward. Prior to joining Egress Solutions, Stephen served as the SVP of Products for SecureAuth + Core Security. Previous roles included CTO and VP of Products & Strategy for Damballa and product leadership roles at McAfee, Secure Computing, MegaPath, EarthLink and several startups. Stephen empowers teams through insight and guidance while applying ‘Lean Startup’ principles alongside Agile development processes.
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Product Management: PE Firms’ Next Lever to Pull for Value Creation


Private Equity is shifting. Firms have a record number of competitors. Asset prices are steep. Dry powder is abundant, and expectations are high. Firms can no longer depend on deleveraging and achieving operational cost synergies.

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ROI of Running WIN/LOSS In A SaaS World Never Bigger

“A 5% increase in customer retention can increase business profits by 25% - 125%”*

Let that sink in a minute…


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Go To Market: Finger Pointing 101

OK – maybe this is extreme (or maybe not), but one thing is clear; when you are missing revenue targets, when your conversion rates are low, or your product adoption is weak, then your Go To Market strategy is failing. The finger pointing means you are not sure what part of your GTM strategy needs work.
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π (Pi) Reasons To Assess Your Product Management Team

Huh?... What on earth does that title mean?... Well, most blogs try to entice you with a title like ‘3 Secrets To Greater Wealth’. Studies show humans can easily process 3 key points, but if we add a fourth our brains turn into mush and can’t process. We like to think our audience is smarter than the average bear and can process more than 3 things. So, we decided on ‘π Reasons To Assess Your Product Management Team’ as a title.

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The Forgotten Part of Win/Loss Analysis: The Win

At Egress, we see a disturbing trend -C-Suite, Sales, and Product Management are diving deep on the ‘Loss’ analysis and ignoring the ‘Wins’

After all, the ‘Wins’ are already won – right?


At Egress, we believe the importance lies in gaining the Buyer’s Insight rather than the Seller’s mistakes

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3 Non-traditional Lessons For Product Management Success

Early on in my career as a Product Manager, my peers described me as a ‘Maverick Contrarian’. Truth be told, I doubt it was meant as a compliment but I kind of liked it. I wasn’t satisfied with what I was told a product manager was supposed to do or not do. Twenty years ago (perhaps still today), PMs struggled to illustrate their importance to their organization. PMs worked to define their role and responsibilities almost to their detriment, boxing themselves into a comfort zone to do their job but limiting their ability to lead.

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